A full-service Business Responsibility Firm - Building Responsible Business

Enduring Value Advisory & Practice LLP is a full-service CSR and Sustainability firm that provides end-to-end solutions in order to create value for all stakeholders through concerted focus on People, Profit & Planet. We do this through a cyclig methodology that involves:

  • Audits, assesments and surveys

  • Designing solutions

  • Monitoring & evaluation

  • Reporting & Communication

  • Assurance

  • Training & capacity building.

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View some of our work here in the form of case studies aimed at addressing specific business,social or environmental issues; thereby highlighting the business case for Sustainable Value Creation.

Structured programs that have demonstrated proved success and can be customised to suit your business and social context.

Our most valued asset - our clients! These are organisations that we've worked for only since 2013.