Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. Compliance to Section 135 of Companies Act 2013 (India)

  1. Strategy/ Policy Formulation:

We work with companies, as an extension of their CSR/ Sustainability function to develop strategy and objectives in-line with their business imperatives; leveraging their areas of competence. We also work closely to help companies design and identify relevant projects, in-line with their overall strategy. To deliver this, we identify long-term and short-term goals and work with the client organization towards achieving them; with defined metrics and measures, maximizing utilization of available resources to build and strengthen the value-chain.

  1. Project Design:

Creating a logical framework with criteria of success, short term and long term objectives and subsequent milestones for evaluation of progress of the Project Monitoring and Evaluation: Not all companies have adequate human resources; both in numbers and in expertise to monitor and evaluate CSR projects on-ground. Enduring Value bridges that gap effectively, with qualified, experienced CSR professionals. This out-sourcing model also helps control overheads for companies, enhancing efficiencies and professionalism.

  1. Baselines/ Need & Impact Assessment:

'What cannot be measured, cannot be managed'; measurement takes place against clear start and end points . We at Enduring Value use various research techniques that help us arrive at clear demarcations for each of these. Our need assessment methodology also paves the way for greater community engagement; which lays the foundation for higher sustainability. CSR Reporting: CSR reports are not Annual Reports and have therefore, got to be treated differently. Our reports have a balanced mix of facts and figures complemented with the right measure of compelling stories that make logical sense to all stakeholders

  1. Capacity Building:

Neither India Inc. nor the Development Sector is prepared for the task ahead. In order to do justice to the requirements of Section 135 of Companies Act 2013; both CSR and NGO staff need to up the antes of their Project management and allied skills. We provide training programmes for:

  1. CSR professionals:

On tools and techniques to assess needs and impact, Reporting Guidelines, strategy tool kit, Project design and framework and much more

  1. NGO professionals:

Project Management, creating compelling reports, communication and brand building and lots more.