About Us

Enduring Value Advisory & Practice LLP is a full-service CSR and Sustainability firm was founded in April 2013 by a team of committed individuals who had over 80 years of collective experience behind them and a Vision to create a business- strategic framework to develop sustainable solutions that become benchmarks in Business Responsibility.
We advise companies on their Business Responsibility practices and also help create pockets of excellence through an evolving methodology based on our 360 degree approach by:

  • Assessing current status in the context of the business environment and identifying areas of improvement.

  • Formulating CSR/ Sustainability Strategy/ Policy

  • Assessing Needs/ Setting Base-lines and Measuring Impact

  • Designing Projects with clear deliverables and road-map

  • Facilitating on-ground implementation through regular measurement & evaluation

  • Reporting as per GRI G4, CDP, UN Global Compact Network (COP), NVGs

  • Communicating with internal and external stakeholders.

Our Philosophy is based on 'creating shared value'; the only sustainable model for businesses to INVEST in. We help create and build capacities and capabilities of communities to make them self-reliant in the long run.
We also work with NGOs to help build capacities and capabilities to meet the new regulations and guidelines